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For leaders

At times, being a Rally Leader isn't easy

It can be difficult to think up new things to do and places to go. Well this section of the web site is just for you. We aim to pull together a collection of resources ranging from ideas for talks to places to stay for weekends and summer camps.

That’s the good news, now for the bad news. As you can see we are a bit short on resources etc. at the moment: that is where YOU can help us, help you. We need YOU to email us details of any places you have stayed for weekend and what you thought of them and also details about any good games you play at Rally and any great talk ideas or materials you have come across. Please send them to info@ralliesni.org

Resources to include:

Residential venues
A listing of potential venues for weekend and summer residential camps in Northern Ireland and beyond.


Sparrows/Tiny Tots Badgework Book

Junior Girls Badgework Book

Senior Girls Badgework Book


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