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Early Years

Also known as Tiny Tots or Sparrows

What is the Tiny Tots / Sparrows / Early Years Rally?

This is the youngest section in the Rallies and is for children aged between 5 and 7. Ages for joining may vary from group to group, please check with your local group.

What do they do?

Members have lots of fun doing different activities which include making things, crafts, music, games, sports, stories, going on visits, making friends, and working towards their badges.

Everything a child in the TinyTots / Sparrows / Early Years Rally does helps them to develop and to think for themselves, in a safe environment.

There are big changes in a child's mental, emotional, social and physical development at this stage so the weekly programme will provide a wide variety of different activities recognising that all children are different and have a variety of needs. The children will learn Bible stories and verses and sing their favourite choruses.

What else do I need to know?

Like the other age groups, members have a special uniform that they can wear. As everyone wears the same thing they feel as though they belong. However nobody is excluded because they do not have the right clothes.

How long do they meet for?

The weekly section meeting would usually run for 1-1½ hours

Find out about how to join

To find out where your local Rally meets use our locations map.