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A typical day at Arura looks like this...

Sports and Activities

We will have a load of different activities for you and your friends to enjoy – some will be great fun, others will help you learn something new and then there’ll be the ones that only the brave will try! There will be a variety of outdoor pursuits and other exciting activities. It's always good to bring old trainers to Arura!


There are a lot of great places to see in County Armagh, so there'll be a couple of trips off site during the week too!

ring the Bible

At Arura we will meet each morning to dig deeper into what Jesus said and to make time to learn and discuss more from the Bible. 
Then in the evening there’ll be time to worship God in music and to hear more from the Bible.

The Gap

The GAP is a place on site where you can chill out between activities and buy snacks, drinks and souvenirs.

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