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About Rallies NI

Rally is for all

Rally is a church-based uniformed organisation for children and young people from the ages of four to eighteen. It is founded on the truth of the Bible, and its purpose is to provide a framework within which children and young people can come to know the truth for themselves, encounter the living Lord Jesus Christ, enter into a personal relationship with Him, and develop strong Christian character through a balanced programme of physical, educational, social and spiritual activity.

Rally is for all
It welcomes members irrespective of their ethnic origin, their social class, their religion or their culture. It has members in a number of countries including Northern Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Adding to Church Life
Rally can be a wonderful addition to your church’s programme. It is a great way of reaching out to children and young people. It gives them an opportunity to learn from positive role models, introduces them to a wide range of exciting activities, interests and adventures, and helps them make friends for life. It provides an opportunity for young men and women to develop leadership and other gifts, and puts your church in contact with other like-minded groups for the purposes of joint activities, training, competitions, camps, weekends and conferences.

A Safe Place
We believe the welfare and safety of the children and young people to be one of our greatest priorities and as a result, all rallies adhere to the host church’s child protection policies.

The Rallies are registered with the appropriate Education and Library Boards.

Rally Arura
A significant part of Rally life in Northern Ireland over the last 30 years has been the summer residential camp for all rally members, commissioned by Rally Council NI, called Rally Arura. This coming together of all the rallies has tremendous advantages - not just for the quality and scale of the actual camp but also for the sense of common purpose and the collective organisational skills of leaders from across the supporting churches.

The first camp in Northern Ireland was hosted in Enniskillen in 1984, after the rallies in the Southern Hemisphere had started Arura back in 1978. 'Arura' is an Australian Aboriginal word for ‘gathering at camp’. It has been in 6 other towns and cities in Northern Ireland since then.

The last Arura was in 2010 in Limavady when over 260 young people aged 10 and over enjoyed a week full of activities – including skirmishing, drumming, Arura’s Got Talent, launching 60 sky lanterns, the 'GAP' marquee complete with coffee bar, tuck shop and gift shop, beatboxing, Flash Mob and trips to Londonderry, Buncrana and Barry’s Amusements in Portrush.

Find out more about the next Rally Arura in 2014.