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Over 50 Years of Rallies in Northern Ireland

From the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere

New Zealand was the birthplace of the Every Boy's and Every Girl's Rallies in 1944.This developed from an earlier work amongst boys and girls, whose youth leaders felt there was a need for a structured uniformed organisation, which would embrace an all-round spiritual, physical and educational programme.

With this aim in view a committee was formed and met in Auckland. They designed a programme, chose a uniform and planned badges.

The two main founders of the Rally movement, Mr L B Clarke and Mr A L Harris visited Australia and soon Rallies were started there. It wasn't long before other countries heard of Rallies and more Rally groups were formed.

In 1958 Mr Clarke came on holiday to N Ireland and some people heard from him about Rallies. A number of interested Assembly leaders were then invited to meet Mr Clarke and to learn about this work.

The youth leaders in Victoria Memorial Hall, May Steet Belfast had been looking at the possibility of introducing a structured uniformed organisation with a strong spiritual influence. On hearing of Rallies they realised this was exactly what they were looking for.

Half a Century of Rallies NI

A group met to discuss forming Rallies in N. Ireland. Uniforms were chosen and an overall programme suitable for their members was organised. In 1958 the first Northern Ireland Every Boy's Rally was started in Victoria Memorial Hall. An Every Girl's Rally started the following year. Soon other churches and assemblies decided to adopt the Rally movement.

Nowadays, Rallies meet in nine venues across Northern Ireland - see where.

[Crescent Junior EBR in 1977]