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Each Rally is run by a team of leaders, led by the Number One leader, also known as Team Leader, who is in overall charge of an individual Rally, accountable to the elders in their church. It is a privilege to work with children and young people and to serve God as part of a team of fellow Christians, but it is also a responsibility. Being a Rally leader is not always easy and it usually means a commitment of more than one evening a week spent at your particular Rally.

The Bible is clear on principles of leadership and service. God faithfully promises to be ‘with you’ as you lead in your Rally, part of God’s work. The Bible has much to say on the life of the Rally leader.

It is to be a life of fellowship and prayer, following God and learning from the Word of God.

These are powerful weapons as we protect ourselves, and the work, against the enemy (2 Corinthians 10 v 3-5).

A leader should reflect the life of Jesus in all they do – by loving God and others, as themselves. This should be evident in our interaction with others in the leadership team and in the way we relate to children and young people. It is important for leaders to work as a team, to pray together, to discuss and plan the Rally programme together.

The Team Leader should also help and support other younger and more inexperienced leaders and should be looking to develop leadership qualities in all members of the Rally.

The main qualities of a good Rally leader are:

Dependability and loyalty.
Resourcefulness and flexibility.
Willingness to be involved in every part of a Rally.
Love and care for children and young people,
A desire to see them come to know Jesus for the first time and to disciple them in their faith.

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