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Arura is for Adults too!

To make this entire event happen, we NEED an extensive team of leaders and support workers to join us for the week. The input provided by leaders is crucial to the Arura experience for the young people; while support workers provide the backbone of activities and facilities at the camp. We know your commitment to Arura will be so valuable.


Group Leaders play a crucial role at Arura. They are at the cutting edge of the camp and will have the most personal input into the young people’s experience of Arura.

Leaders will be responsible for a small number (probably 5-6) of similar-aged boys or girls. This group will be made up of young people from different rallies, who are unlikely to all know each other.

Leaders will help the young people get to know each other, will participate in the activities with them – caring for them throughout the week. Leaders will lead the daily small group discussions/quiet times.

Assistant Leaders

Assistant Leaders will support the leaders of small groups.

Support Workers

Workers are the backbone of Arura ensuring all things operate safely and smoothly. Workers will be given a number of daily tasks. While time with the young people is more limited, there will be many opportunities to participate in the life of the camp. The key areas of responsibilities will be:

Retail (aka The Gap)
The hub of Arura will be the Gap - the place on site where everyone can chill out between activities. We need workers to run the café, with its tuck shop, gift shop, bookshop and camp bank.

Beds need put up, chairs stacked, delivery lorries emptied, minibuses driven and toilets cleaned. Arura simply can’t operate without committed workers to serve in this very practical way.

There will be around 400 hungry mouths to feed. Life in the kitchen may be hard but it is hugely rewarding and you don’t need to be a ‘Mary Berry’ to apply!

Workers help make the fun, particularly when you are involved in the wide range of daily activities. You could be asked to referee a game, keep the score, run a stall or be part of an outing.

More details on how to register as a leader or worker will be available soon.

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