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North Belfast

A bit about Seaview Rally

The Rally in the Seaview area of North Belfast is operated through the Crescent Church in Belfast.

We use the premises and facilities of Seaview Primary School. Rally members from Seaview often meet up with their fellow members at Crescent Church for social events, residential camps and church services.

Rally Nights / Times

Seaview Sparrows (Girls)
When: Wednesday nights 6:30pm

Seaview Junior Every Girls Rally (JEGR)
When: Wednesday nights 6:30pm

Seaview Senior Every Girls Rally (SEGR)
When: Wednesday nights 6:30pm

We meet on a Wednesday night from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Where to find us:
Seaview Primary School
Seaview Drive
Belfast BT15 3NB