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Arura Contract

Everyone who registers for Arura 2018 (campers, leaders and workers) must agree to abide by these guidelines, both inside and outside the camp:

1. I will respect those in authority, accept the decisions they make, and obey any reasonable request made of me. This includes leaders, workers, and activity supervisors.

2. I am going to Arura fully committed to taking part in all of the activities planned for me.

3. I agree to be on time for all activities and tasks for which I am required to be present.

4. I understand the importance of privacy for everyone, and I agree never to touch anyone else’s belongings without first getting their permission or to go anywhere that is OUT OF BOUNDS to me.

5. I agree to do my part in looking after all of the facilities of the Camp, including my room, school facilities and any equipment that I may use.

6. If I bring my mobile to Arura, I will switch it off during all quiet times / meeting times and I realise that improper use will result in my phone being handed in to a leader.

7. I understand that if I bring valuables to Arura that I do so at my own risk.

8. I will not take any photographs/video in the bedrooms and changing rooms. I will not go into any areas that are only for the opposite sex.

In particular, I will:

• make friends and have fun;
• listen when I am supposed to;
• help out when asked;
• help others to have a great time;
• go to bed when I am asked to do so.

I will not:

• drop litter;
• bully or exclude anyone;
• exclude anyone by my talk or actions;
• use bad or offensive language;
• use violence;
• be involved in dangerous stunts or pranks;
• purchase or consume alcohol or non-medicinal drugs.

A copy of this contract can be downloaded here and will also be available in the Camp Handbook.

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